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Guide To Improve His Boxing Style Alone

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No theory, but only practice! In this training, I give you multiple keys to train you alone in boxing. How? Thanks to the many objects present at your place. This training will allow you to send the blows perfectly, to move well, to understand the why of how and then to correct you alone in case of problems. It will no longer suffice you accentuated the case to put more power.

(I speak French in this training)



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Do you have some trouble getting to the boxing gym? Do you feel that you are losing speed in your progression, because you have difficulty in progressing in your boxing gym?

These are things that often happen when you start in the boxing gym. We are in an extreme will to learn and often small things can hurt this desire to learn. A schedule that does not allow us to go to the room, a coach overwhelmed by the large number of students or no pedagogue (probably with us eh!). This may be your case too and you would like to have a solution to progress at home without taking any bad habits.

Thanks to physical frameworks at home, like the walls of any place, the broom and many other everyday materials, this video tips and tricks will help you learn the basics of boxing very quickly and taking care to perform the movements over and over again to seal them in your mind as you go. These methods were given to me by multiple former professional boxers whom I could mix during my years as an amateur boxer?

This training may be interesting for people starting boxing and who do not have the time to learn more, for lack of time because of a schedule too tight or lazy to start its first session boxing. For this particular case, this training will eventually allow you and I hope to see that it is quite simple to learn the basics of boxing and then try to register in a real room.

Apart from tips on sending your punches. I also give tips for quick shots, coordination and reflexes. It is important to look at your mails, in order to receive the file, allowing you to see your training take to see it in streaming or to download it.

To progress, you have to repeat your movements many times. In this formation, I give you the mold that will allow you to frame yourself. If you binge from time to time, it will always be possible to refer to this training, to get you back on track.

Satisfied or refunded

The training is guaranteed Satisfied or Reimbursed for a period of 30 days. If you follow me on YouTube (Rikaans Channel), you know that I have my own pedagogy. In this training, I put heart to work and quality in a longer version than usual. If you really want to progress and if you think especially have some gaps in this area, this training may be interesting for you. This guarantee will allow you to have security. We meet behind the scenes and continue to follow me on Youtube.

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