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Rotating Boxing Target Bar for wall

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The Mural rotary hitter bar is a revolutionary piece of equipment that will allow you to become better at sending powerful counterattacks, thanks to its rotating bar that makes you dodge or block quickly without forgetting to hit constantly.

As you go, your senses will increase and it will be reflected in your style, in training, in the ring or otherwise. This device is precisely dedicated to work your veracity to counter-attack your opponents in a fast and fun way. It's up to you to be creative, it's up to you to create new combinations!


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Dodging is good, but counter-puncher is better!

This revolutionary tool to refine your reactivity and your look which is the basis of the success of any self-respecting boxer. Ideal for novice boxers and more experienced boxers who can train indoors, and even at home.

This wall-mounted rotary bar serves to increase his reflexes, his glance, his precision. Increasing your ability to quickly counter-attack opponents combined with good accuracy will increase your chances of attempting K. -O.

She is excellent for working alone, to try new combinations. You can see the rotating bar as your personal trainer with a bear paw that will rectify you every time you do not put your guard. Howeveryou will be able to work by lowering your guard by playing on the movement of your bust.

Perfect to increase your reflexes, the wall-mounted rotary bar is particularly interesting, because the goal is to work its automatisms without looking for physical effort in itself. So, you do not have to sweat like mad to progress. Automatisms and reflexes work easily, thanks to fast repetitions. It is easy to implement your new combinations during your fights. You will become more keen to block the shots and then counterattack.

The reflex station is very well made. It is made of chromed steel. The rotating bar is made of steel, but is insulated by a very compact foam part to protect you from potential mistakes. You will also find the screws and anchors of the fixings and the diagram like the big furniture signs allowing you to assemble everything perfectly.

It is important to take a concrete wall (load bearing wall) and flat to fix the Counter Puncher. Steel dowels (screws) measure 14mm in diameter to anchor the equipment securely. However, it is also possible to quickly fix rotary hit bar on wood with simple wood screws.

Dimension :

Size: 50 x 80 x 12 cm

Package dimensions: 22 x 13 x 74 cm

Weight: 6 kg


Avoid powerful shots at the beginning of use, be quick. Do not remove the foam on the rotating bar that is meant to protect your face and your fists. Do not hesitate to wear a helmet and gloves (on boxing gloves).

* Warranty: 12 months (your invoice serving as proof)

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